As a human relations organization dedicated to overcoming hatred, bias and exclusionary practices, we build inclusive communities through experiential learning, intentional dialogue, fostering relationships, and the cultivation of tomorrow's leaders.  We strive to support our community through engagement, respect, concern, empathy and understanding.

"As a Human Resources director, I’m often asked questions about creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. My experience within an ICCJ program empowered me to model the kind of healthy, inclusive behavior we need to create the kind of workplace in which each employee can thrive. My life is better and richer because I attended ICCJ’s programming.”

-Glen Brown, Human Resources Director, CODALE Electric Supply, Inc.


How we work

We create opportunities through training workshops and retreats to explore difficult social issues and how they affect our communities, homes, and workplaces.  Each of us has room to grow in order to better relate to individuals who make up our diverse communities. Using human relations as a foundation, we work together to understand the dynamics of exclusion, and in so doing, recognize the humanity in all of us. 

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Our logo

Möbius strip is a unique object that has only one side and one edge.  To us, the Möbius represents inclusion by allowing an individual to preserve their personal identity while being part of a larger whole — the community.  Like the Möbius, we often appear to be vastly different in our opinions or traditions, or on two opposite “sides.”  In the end, however, we share our common humanity and find we can work together to build respectful and safe communities; thus remaining on the same side!

​Inclusion is acknowledging and honoring our individuality, while moving towards unity.

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