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Workshop Trainings & Personal Development Seminars

Multi-Faceted Identities

Multi Faceted Identities is an interactive workshop, examining aspects of our identity that are most present for us in our daily lives.  We acknowledge that all of us have complex, multifaceted identities, and discuss the dynamic influences our identity shapes our interactions with others.

Colorful Friends

The facilitator was great, very kind, open and respectful. I appreciate that it was conducted by a local organization. They did a really great job at allowing nuance and space within the conversation.

International Rescue Committee Employee-January 2023

Happy Children

Person In Environment & Mapping the Governed Body

Person In Environment/Mapping of the Governed Body, is a semi interactive, more discussion type workshop.  We examine how no person is without their environment and how we all are impacted by systems of dominations. We explore our beliefs/values, and discuss how our beliefs are shaped by broader systems.  

The Inclusion Center is incredibly insightful, supportive, and organized with their presentation. They seemingly effortlessly created a safe and comfortable environment for all of us to express ourselves and understand their material on a deeper level.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition Employee-August 2021

Unpacking Privilege

In Unpacking Privilege, we dissect the feeling of discomfort when discussing topics surrounding privilege.  We define privilege, acknowledge what systems we benefit from, and examine the responsibilities that come with our privilege.  

Rock Balancing

"The ICCJ provides training for the Camp Tuttle staff that makes lasting impacts and improves the quality of their work with youth from our community. Inclusion Center's facilitators and programming continue to be some of the most impactful resource that we know and love."

Ingrid VanZanten, Camp Tuttle Director, Episcopal Diocese of Utah

Paper Heart

Gender Pronoun Workshop

Our Gender Pronoun Workshop dissects understandings of sex, gender, and sexuality as complex, unstable categories. We discuss identity and the sex/gender binary.  We examine gender pronouns, and why they matter, and how to incorporate them. 

I loved that while discussing privilege, the facilitator replaced the word privilege with advantage.  I think due to the media and politics surrounding privilege, there's a very negative connotation with the word privilege in this context.  Replacing privilege with advantage from time to time, helps people feel less attacked.  This can disarm people to have an open mind and dialogue around the topic. 

Core Advocacy Training participant with the UDVC-January 2022

Catered Workshops

After consulting with you about your needs and what specific topics you hope to be covered in our workshop, our team will collaborate and create a program that speaks into specified subject matters.  Workshops can be a combination or version of workshops above, as well as a new development of programming to better address specific topics.    Examples of topics could be unconscious bias in the workplace, examining the benefits and hardships of diverse spaces, or effective conflict resolution across difference.

Holding Hands
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