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Mountain Ridge

Inclusion Center Partners

We are grateful to have community staples support us in our mission of inclusion.  With their support, we've been able to maintain the work that we do in Salt Lake for 60+ years.  

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SLC Pride

ICCJ is the fiscal sponsor for this event

SLC Pride is an event to foster a vibrant and inclusive celebration of Queer community and its diversity, where visibility, belonging, support and equity are at the heart. Showcase the rich and complicated tapestry of what it means to be Queer, here. Amplify the voices and experiences of our community, through an intentionally created atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and celebration.

Because of SLC Pride's focus on the local community, the Inclusion Center joins their mission as fiscal sponsor.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

Program Partners


UDVC's mission is to end domestic violence in Utah through advocacy, education, collaboration, and leadership. They envision a world where all individuals and families live free from violence and feel safe, empowered, and hopeful.  Through their quarterly Core Advocacy Training, the UDVC provides the tools necessary to support their mission with organizations across the state.  The Inclusion Center supports this mission by providing DEI trainings.  The UDVC also houses our in person location in SLC.  

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John C Kish Foundation

ICCJ Donor

John and his partner, Frank “Jack” Plevo, wanted to give back to the community in Southern Nevada, where they ran a successful casino business. John was very involved in the community while he was alive, helping to establish the John C. Kish Unit of the Boys and Girls Club, UNLV, the Inclusion Center, and other charitable organizations. The Kish Foundation continues to support the areas of health, education, performing arts, and animal welfare.  John C Kish has been a a donor for 2 years, ensuring that the ICCJ's legacy of Anytown can continue.  The Inclusion Center is grateful for the John C Kish Foundation, as our programming wouldn't be as impactful without their contribution.

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