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We are a human relations non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating healthy dialogue surrounding topics of privilege and bias. We build inclusive communities through experiential learning, intentional dialogue, discussions of accountability, and the cultivation of tomorrow's leaders.  We nurture spaces, provide actionable tools, and curate verbiage necessary to have typically difficult conversations.

Our approach

With the social and political climate today, we nurture a place for healthy communication surrounding tough and personal topics.  At the Inclusion Center, we are dedicated to creating moments for healing conversations between communities who have historical and/or political tension & have done this work since the 1960's. 

We serve individuals, organizations, and corporations dedicated to creating holistic spaces within their own communities.  The Inclusion Center does this work through workshops, trainings, and retreats. We sharpen participants tool kits on how to have those difficult conversations, with the well being of the overall community as the main focus. Our biggest retreat is a high school camp called Anytown, an Inclusion Center tradition since the 1980's.  

This was one of the best workshops I have attended regarding this specific subject matter. I commend your effort on speaking on privilege and breaking down barriers in an empowering way. I was impressed with the knowledge and the perspective of the facilitators. The workshop was presented in a way that engaged the participants where they were comfortable. There was nothing that made me feel like I was forced into any statement or answer I was not comfortable with or making. The information was presented and discussed in a way that was unique to our group, and time/schedules were respected. 

Moab Community Training Participant-October 2022

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